“genre-spanning music, with tender, whispering vocals that recall the likes of Villagers, Ben Howard and Sufjan Stevens” - Roisin O’ Connor / The Independent
Cover of unreleased album Home Movies.

Cover of unreleased album Home Movies.


My name is Hugh Macdonald, I’m a 21 year old musician working under the name Fairhazel. Last year, I released music with Communion (Bear’s Den, Ben Howard and the likes) and opened for Agnes Obel on the east coast portion of her US tour, as well as that I had some song premieres with The Independent and Clash Magazine. My music is psychedelic/folk, think Harry Nilsson meets Ennio Morricone. 

My music is inspired by the stories of people I meet on travels, and turning those stories into songs. For example, the song Eddie from 7/11 (above) is the story of a 7/11 cashier who would sell alcohol to minors in the ‘80s. Shallow Grave is about a mafioso Uber driver who leaked some New England crime secrets, but then said (read in stereotypical Boston Mafia accent) “but..if I told you too much, you’d be in a shallow grave.”