ALL about HUGH

Hugh Macdonald is a 20 year old singer/songwriter, constantly on the move. Raised in Cape Town, London and Paris and currently living in Boston where he studies songwriting, production and business at Berklee College of Music. From the age of 5, when he played a shaky version of Yellow Submarine on guitar and voice, he has always loved performing. After being in Black Crown Falling, a pop punk band and playing all over France, he now focuses on his solo music which is a mellow, folk sound. He takes inspiration from artist like Ben Howard and Leonard Cohen. He also writes for and plays in a duo in Boston called Think of England. He released his first 2 albums at age 13, self-produced on an iPad, but recently released his first studio quality EP which he took on tour across the west coast of America over the summer of 2016. His first album, It Seems The World Is Inside Out, came out in June 2017. Hugh's music has been featured on several of the most popular podcasts, blogs and local radios stations across the U.S. and Europe. He has performed at Tedx Valencia and on Sofar Valencia.